Farm Management
1. Impact of Peripheral Factors on Reducing the Consequences of the Targeted Subsidies from the Greenhouse Owners' View Point: The Case of Semnan Province, Iran

Mohammad Sadegh Sabouri; Siavash Noori; Mostafa Karbasioun

Volume 6, Issue 4 , Autumn 2016, , Pages 525-530

  The purpose of this study was to investigate the peripheral factors on reducing the consequences of the targeted subsidies from the view point of greenhouse owners of Semnan Province, Iran. The population of the study comprised greenhouse owners of Semnan Province. The sample size was calculated using ...  Read More

2. The Effect of Agricultural Production Subsidies Reduction in the Economic Variables of Agricultural Sector of Iran: Multifunctional Assessment in CGE Model

Saeed Mehrjou; Zahra Kiani-Feyzabad

Volume 6, Issue 1 , Winter 2016, , Pages 17-26

  The production of public goods like amenity value of the landscape, food security, preservation of rural communities and rural lifestyle, by agricultural sector is a subject that has been widely accepted by experts. However, in many policies and political analyses carried out, solely the production of ...  Read More