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One factor that has highlighted the role of agriculture in the economy is to make the marketing system of agricultural products more efficient. The main purpose of this study was to identify the requirements of marketing the organic pomegranate of Paveh, Kermanshah Province, Iran, from the perspective of farmers. In order to identify contributing factors, an exploratory factor analysis was used. The population of this study consisted of the pomegranate growers of Paveh (N=2000) and 320 people were selected using the Cochran formula and a proportional stratified sampling method. The main research instrument was a questionnaire that was completed by interview. Validity and reliability were confirmed using the feedbacks of advisors through 0.78 Cronbach's alpha coefficient. The results showed that the requirements were classified in eight factors of motivational improvement such as informing, technical, policy, economic, marketing, infrastructure, management, and social– services and they could explain 87 percent of the organic pomegranate marketing variance.


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