1 Extension Education Department of Tabiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran

2 Extension Education Department of University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

3 Agricultural Extension and Education Department, Nahavand University, Nahavand, Iran


Faculties’ empowerment is one of the effective tools for increasing productivity and optimum use of their individual and group abilities and capacities to reach organizational goals. Organizational culture is the main component of decision making in universities and one of the requirements of psychological empowerment (i.e.
meaning, competence, self-determination, trust, impact). Given the importance of these two variables and their possible relations; and as the main purpose of this study, the supposed correlation between Iran agricultural colleges’ faculties’ psychological empowerment and their organizational culture was investigated. So this descriptive correlation study surveyed agricultural faculties to measure their psychological empowerment and also organizational culture in their colleges. A multi-stage random Sampling approach was implemented. The national sample consisted of 404 faculty members. Factor analysis determined three components of organizational culture (i.e. team-orientations, empowerment and capability development). All components of psychological empowerment were significantly and positively correlated with team-orientations and empowerment while the capability development was only significantly correlated with trust.