1 Department of Accounting, Saravan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Saravan, Iran

2 Department of Economics, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan, Iran


Globalization is integration of national economies in global economy and infers on increasing the flow of goods and services. In this study the consequences of globalization were studied through the analysis of Level of International Trade index (LIT) in the caviar export equation. The required data were gathered from Statistical Yearbook of Foreign Trade, Statistical Yearbook of fisheries, Statistical Yearbook of the International Monetary Fund, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and different issues of Central Bank of Iran over 1974-2007. The results showed that domestic production of caviar have significant and positive effects on its export. In addition, sign of level of international trade variable in the estimated model is positive and indicates trade restrictions remove lead to increase in caviar export.