1 Lecturer, Chuka University College, Chuka Kenya

2 Global Coordinator, Farmers of the Future Initiative, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), Nairobi, Kenya

3 Senior lecturer, Department of Agricultural Education & Extension, Egerton University, Egerton, Kenya

4 Lecturer, Department of Education, Chuka University College, Chuka, Kenya


The Farmers of the Future (FoF) initiative implemented a programme of integrating natural resources management in the basic education curriculum. The purpose of the study was to document activities and determine the effects of FoF programme on primary school learners’ perceptions towards natural resources management by comparing learners involved in the FoF programme and those not involved. Further, comparison of perceptions by gender among learners involved in the FoF was done. The study employed an ex-post-facto design. The location of the study was the western region of Kenya. The sample was composed of 120 learners and 6 teachers, making a total of 126 respondents. This was in accordance with recommendations by Kathuri and Pals (1993). The data were collected using questionnaires and analysed using t-test at alpha=0.05. The instruments were validated by two experts in the Department of Agricultural Education and Extension at Egerton University and one expert from ICRAF. Reliability was tested through pilot testing and indicated a reliability coefficient of 0.72 The findings indicated that the FoF programme had a significant influence on learners’ positive perceptions towards natural resources management thus the programme forms an integral part in sustainable agriculture.