Document Type : Original Article


1 Ph.D. Student of Agricultural Economics, Zabol University

2 Associate Professor of Agriculcural Economics, Ferdowsi University


The present study sustainable management of Guilan Saravan Sylvan Park was planned. The used method in the form of decision support model in three10-year period was studied for parks of various states and with considering the economic, ecological and social criteria during the years 2008 to 2038. By using hierarchical fuzzy analysis method, the reaching to an optimal level of economic, ecological and social simultaneously and as their combined utility values in various periods, decisions and different states of park is obtained. The results showed that in order to reach to an optimal level of purposes simultaneously, at the beginning of the first 10-year period implementation of ecological decision, at the beginning of the second 10 years period in three considered states for the Sylvan Park implementation of social, ecological and ecological decisions give the most combined utility value of purposes respectively. Results of stochastic dynamic programming showed that implementing the ecological decisions at the beginning of the first 10-year period, implementing the ecological decision by considering the second designed state of park at the beginning of the second 10-year period, and by applying the first designed state of park at the beginning of third 10-year-old period, the implementation of social decisions is desirable to achieve sustainable management in Saravan Sylvan Park. According to the findings, the implementation of these determined decisions can be useful and maximum of desirable use from Park potentials in the economic, social - recreational and conservation and sustainability of indigenous species problems, and reposit the park to the next generation with the best condition.