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1 Master Student of Agricultural Economics, Ardakan University, Iran

2 Agricultural Economic Department, Ardakan University, Ardakan, Iran


Advertising is not only as a tool to increase company sales. Fast development of mass communication tools and added new mediums to advertising media have been introduced the advertising as a key element in the success or failure of a company. Due to the intense competition between companies and the fast growth of markets and changes in consumer behavior, advertising is taken into consideration as a major tool to create consumer awareness of products and services. Thus, in order to choose the best advertising method for meat products (sausages and salami), comments of 500 Shiraz citizens are collected by Cochran sampling and used in data analysis by Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). After gathering the data, by synthesis the comments of respondents through arithmetic mean, the pairwise comparison matrix of criteria and priorities was formed to estimate the relative weights of them to achieve the goals of "the best method of advertising". The results indicated with respect to citizen viewpoints, the media advertisement, the street billboards, the advertising brochures, the advertising kiosks, and the purchase awards have the highest degree of importance with weight 0.430, 0.238, 0.139, 0.098 and 0.096, respectively. Due to the competition of different meat products factories, to make interest and encourage for purchasing a goods toward the competitor goods, it is necessary to use the persuasive advertisement.


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