Document Type : Original Article


1 MSc Rural Development, Agricultural Economics and Rural Development Dep., Lorestan University, Iran

2 Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Lorestan University, Iran


Water Users Association (WUAs) is one of the methods of participatory water resource management whose success and efficiency requires the participation of farmers. Purpose of this study was to identify and prioritize the solutions for farmers’ participation enhancing in WUAs. This exploratory article was carried out by the mixed methods design. The qualitative part of the study was conducted by Grounded Theory (GT). The statistical population consisted of 14 key informant experts of water resources management. Data were gathered by semi-structured interview. The triangulation of peers in different position was used to enhance the accuracy of the data. Categories were derived from interviews by MAXQDA12 software. In the quantitative phase, 133 members of WUAs were sampled in Lorestan Province (N=1990) using the Cochran formula. Solutions proposed by experts were provided to the members of WUAs in the form of a questionnaire. Results showed that there were distrust among members, members' distrust to WUAs mangers and tension in management of this organization. The most important solutions for farmer's participation in WUAs were to reduce local tensions, motivating mechanisms for cooperation of farmers in WUAs and helping farmers for a better consensus


  • Weak participation of farmers in water user association
  • Facilitation of interaction with experts
  • Use of external and internal facilitators for management of WUAs
  • Implementing participatory planning
  • Lack of financial and technical resources


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