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1 Assistant Professor of School of Tourism, Economics of Natural Resources and Environment(agricultural Economics), Higher Education Complex Bam, Bam, Iran.

2 Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics, Economics of Natural Resources and Environment, Kerman Shahid Bahonar University, Kerman, Iran


Energy demand and the factors affecting it have been growing in importance due to population growth, increased greenhouse gas emissions, and limited energy resources. The study of energy consumption in the agricultural sector of Iran shows an increase in the consumption of various energy carriers in this sector in recent years to increase production, employment, and food security. Given the significance of energy resources and environmental protection, the present study aims to investigate the impact of economic and non-economic factors on energy demand in Iran's agricultural sector over the period 1970-2017 using Markov switching-error correction model. The results indicate that the variable of agricultural production in both Markov regimes has a positive and significant effect on energy demand in this sector. The variable of the diversity of agricultural activities affects energy consumption in the agricultural sector positively. Also, the impact of human capital and trade liberalization in the agricultural sector on energy consumption in this sector is positive and significant. It is therefore suggested that to manage and optimize energy consumption, appropriate policies should be implemented in this sector to reduce environmental pollution and prevent the reduction of agricultural production


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