1. Labour and Poverty: Empirical Relationship Using House Data from South Nigeria

Nsikak-Abasi A. Etim; Sunday Okon; Inibong A. Akpabio

Volume 1, Issue 2 , Spring 2011, Pages 53-59

  In Nigeria, most farming activities rely on family labor. However, rural-urban drift and the movement of young people away from agriculture are making labor increasingly pause. Thus, labor has become a major constraint to expanding the scope of production by small-scale resource poor farmers. This paper ...  Read More

2. Educational Needs of Corn Farmers Regarding Biological Control Bracon Parasitoid of Corn Caradrina in Dezful Township, Khouzestan Province, Iran

Ahmad Reza Ommani; Ali Jafar Khadem

Volume 1, Issue 2 , Spring 2011, Pages 61-64

  The purpose of research was analyzing educational needs of corn farmer's regarding biological control Bracon parasitoid of corn Caradrina in Dezful Township, Khouzestan province, Iran. The method of research was correlative descriptive. A random sample of Dezful township corn farmers of Khouzestan province, ...  Read More

3. Determinants of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (FFV) Farmers’ Participation in Contract Farming in Peninsular Malaysia

Nalini Arumugam; Fatimah Mohamed Arshad; Eddie Chiew F.C; Zainalabidin Mohamed

Volume 1, Issue 2 , Spring 2011, Pages 65-71

  The purpose of this research was identifying socio-economic characteristics affected on respondents’ participation in contract farming. The survey was conducted using structured questionnaire in populous states namely Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Perak, Selangor and Johor in Peninsular ...  Read More

4. Impacts of Drought on Socio-Economic Conditions of Paddy Farmers in Guilan Province, North of Iran

Hamid Devisti; Mohamad Karim Moetamed

Volume 1, Issue 2 , Spring 2011, Pages 73-79

  The purpose of this study was to survey impacts of drought on Socio-economic conditions of Guilan Paddy farmers. Besides recognizing these impacts, it ranked them according to the viewpoint of the Paddy farmers. It was of the descriptive- correlation type. Questionnaire was the main tool of this study. ...  Read More

5. Perceptions of Secondary School Students towards Natural Resources Management: Case Study of Participants in FoF and Non-Participants

Michael G. Kanyi; Tom Vandenbosch; Fredrick U. Ngesa; Joash K. Kibett

Volume 1, Issue 2 , Spring 2011, Pages 81-88

  Integrating natural resources management in the secondary school curriculum in Kenya has received a lot of talk without adequate practical activities. The Farmers of the Future Programme under the World Agroforestry Centre, formally the International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF), initiated ...  Read More

6. Intensification of Rice Production Systems in Southeastern Nigeria: A Policy Analysis Matrix Approach

Albert I. Ugochukwu; Chuma I. Ezedinma

Volume 1, Issue 2 , Spring 2011, Pages 89-100

  The Nigerian rice sector has made remarkable improvement in the last decade as production has increased significantly thereby reducing the gap between domestic supply and demand. In the last three decades, rice imports make up greater proportion of Nigerian imports as rice forms a structural component ...  Read More

7. Determination of target Exchange Rate for the Comparative Advantage of Iran Crops (A Case of Sari Township)

Mohammad Reza Pakravan; Mohammad Kavoosi Kalashami

Volume 1, Issue 2 , Spring 2011, Pages 101-106

  In this paper, the value of exchange rate was calculated in order to determine comparative advantage in crops of Sari Township during 2009-2010. Hence, first, comparative advantage indices are estimated by using a policy analysis matrix. The results showed that just wheat has a DRC index of one in the ...  Read More