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Farming Systems
1. Adoption Intensity Determinants for Improved Sweet Potato Varieties among Farmers in Nigeria

Rasheed Adeola; Kehinde Ogunleye; Williams Adewole

Volume 9, Issue 3 , Summer 2019, , Pages 203-211

  Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) is one of the stable tuber crops consumed by many households in Nigeria. It can be found in different varieties and exist in many colours of skin and flesh. The production of this important crop is still very low, thereby compromising food security. Sweet potato is one ...  Read More

Environmental policy and management
2. Influencing Factors on Adoption of Organic Farming from the Perspective of Horticulturists in Sari County, Iran

Reza Dinpanah

Volume 8, Issue 3 , Summer 2018, , Pages 441-449

  The aim of this study was to determine influencing factors on adoption of organic farming in Sari County, Iran. The methodological approach of this study was descriptive-correlation. The research population consisted of 18830 horticulturists in Sari County, which was selected using stratified randomizing ...  Read More

Environmental policy and management
3. Empirical Assessment of Environmental and Health Risks in Intensive Poultry Production in Kwara State, Nigeria

Busola Amolegbe Khadijat; Abimbola Usman Mutiat; Olayinka Animashaun Jubril

Volume 7, Issue 1 , Winter 2017, , Pages 59-70

  The study was designed to assess the environmental and health risks arising from intensive poultry production in Kwara State, Nigeria. A total of 120 poultry farmers in Kwara State under the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) were selected randomly for the study, and structured questionnaires were ...  Read More

4. Determinants of Adoption of Mini-Tuber Seed Potato: A Case in Ardabil Province of Iran

Asghar Bagheri

Volume 5, Issue 4 , Autumn 2015, , Pages 263-270

  The aim of this study was to examine factors affecting adoption of mini-tuber seed potato. Survey research design was used in this study. A sample of 100 potato growers who were informed about mini-tuber was selected and divided into adopter and non-adopter groups. Questionnaire was used as the instrument ...  Read More

5. Analysis of Factors Affecting Adoption and Application of Sprinkler Irrigation by Farmers in Famenin County, Iran

Hassan Afrakhteh; Maryam Armand; Fatemeh Askari Bozayeh

Volume 5, Issue 2 , Spring 2015, , Pages 89-99


  Due to its location in the dry belt, the vast country of Iran has always been faced with the problem of water shortages. In such a climate one should take measures to increase the productivity and improve the efficiency of irrigation through expansion of water-conserving technology in the agricultural ...  Read More

6. Effectiveness of Agricultural Training Centers’ Curriculum in Promoting Adoption of Agricultural Technologies: Evidence from Small-Scale Potato Farmers in Nyandarua County, Kenya

Ronald O. Nyamwamu; Justus M. Ombati; John G. Mwangi

Volume 4, Issue 2 , Spring 2014, , Pages 133-145

  Agricultural Training Centres (ATCs) promote crop and livestock development by providing extension information to farmers and serving as models of improved crop and livestock husbandry practices. Although potato farmers in Nyandarua County were trained on potato production technologies, their average ...  Read More

7. Socio-Economic Factors Influencing Adoption of Energy–Saving Technologies among Smallholder Farmers: The Case of West Pokot County, Kenya

Andiema Chesang Everlyne; Nkurumwa Oywaya Agnes; Amudavi Mulama David

Volume 3, Issue 4 , Autumn 2013, , Pages 289-301

  Fuel wood provides the main source of energy for cooking and space heating for over 80 percent of households living in Kenya. The heavy reliance on the biomass energy has exerted an imbalance in demand and supply consequently resulting in adverse environmental effects in Kenya. As part of innovation ...  Read More

8. Affective Factors in the Wheat Farmers’ Adoption of Farming Methods of Soil Management in West Azerbaijan Province, Iran

Soleiman Rasouliazar; Saeid Fealy

Volume 3, Issue 2 , Spring 2013, , Pages 73-82

  Soil Management (SM) is critical to human well-being that it is more important now because of meeting the high demands for food production and satisfying the needs of an increasing world population. Therefore, the purpose of this descriptivecorrelation study was to investigate the effective factors on ...  Read More