Document Type: Original Article


Department of Agricultural Extension and Education, College of Agriculture, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran.


Teaching practices in universities have not achieved expected outcomes. There are a lot of challenges in education process, one of them is mismatching between learning/teaching styles. Teachers should strive to incorporate their teaching style with students’ learning style in order to ensure effective teaching and learning process in higher education. The purpose of this descriptive-survey study was to explain compatibility of students’ learning style using Witkins (1976) Group Embedded Figures Test (GEFT) and teachers’ teaching style using Van Tillburg Hamilich Test (1990). The target population consisted of students and faculty members in agricultural College in Razi University. Results revealed that, 40.6 % of male were field dependent and 59.4 % of them were field independent. 78.6 % of female were field dependent and 21.4 % of them were field independent. Therefore the majority of male were field-independent and the majority of female were field-dependent learners. With attention to four teaching style (Expert, Provider, Facilitator and Enabler) instructors tended to be using enabler teaching style. Recommendations about matching learning and teaching styles are suggested based on the results.